Punjab Board of Technical Education

PEEF for the year 2018-19 has allocated a quota of 468 scholarships for the students of PBTE. This quota includes both Outreach and Special Quota Scholarships. Quota has been allocated irrespective of gender of students. Scholarship allocation for the year 2018-19 is as under:

Selection of Students on the Basis of(PBTE Level) Scholarship Allocation for the Students Studying in Scholarship Allocation Per District
Matric - Tech
Matric Vocational
Intermediate (D.Com, DAE, F.A, ICS, etc)
Commercial (D.COM, DHO & DBA) Graduation (B.Com / B.Com Honours, BBA, B.Sc, ACS, CA, etc)
Technical (DAE & DDM) Graduation(B.Com / B.Com Hons., BBA, B.Sc, ACS, CA, DHO etc.)
Special Quota (Commercial & Technical, Diploma in Special Education) Graduation (B.Com / B.Com Hons., BBA, B.Sc, ACS, CA, etc)

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible for PEEF scholarships, a student must have:

  • Passed Matric -Tech., Commercial and Technical PBTE examination in Annual from Govt. Institution or Private Affiliated Institutions.
  • Secured at least 60% marks in the above mentioned examination.
  • Secured admission in a regular educational institution as a full time student in the same academic year as of passing examination.
  • Monthly income of parents (from all sources) is equal to or less than PKR.15,000/-
  • The children of government servants in BPS 1 - 4 are exempted from income limit criteria if salary is the only source of income.
  • For Special Quota Scholarships, the student must fall in at least one of the following S.Q categories:

                    i. Orphan Children
                    ii. Children of government servants in BPS 1 - 4
                    iii. Children belonging to minority religion
                    iv. Special Children
                    v. The Children civilians martyred in terrorist's attacks

  • Selection Process

    The students must have:

  • Annual scholarship quota is intimated to PBTE office
  • The PBTE, as per policy, shortlist the students degree wise and district wise on the basis of results of the current annual examination
  • PBTE sends the PEEF scholarship application forms of the shortlisted students to their previous institution from where the student has passed the examination
  • PEEF scholarship application forms are filled by the candidates and returned to the office of Secretary PBTE .
  • The office of Secretary PBTE selects the students and sends the nominations to PEEF on the prescribed template for the award of scholarships.
  • Stipend is released through the institutions where the students are currently enrolled.
  • Year Wise Award of Scholarships

    Year No. of Students Annual Disbursement
    2009 -10 288 11,232,000
    2010 - 11 288 11,243,000
    2011 - 12 288 11,251,000
    2012 - 13 288 10,644,600
    2013 - 14 468 18,030,600
    2014 - 15 468 17,886,000
    2015 - 16 468 17,715,000
    2016 - 17 468 17,558,400
    2017 - 18 468 17,420,400
    Total 3,492 132,981,000
  • The children of government servants in BPS 1 - 4 are exempted from income limit criteria if salary is the only source of income.
  • The responsibility of intimation to prospective students and selection of students for PEEF scholarship rests with Punjab Board of Technical Education (PBTE).